Monday, August 10, 2009

I got a shout out from Singularitee

T-shirt blogger AdderXYU was kind enough to endorse my design for the DBH 10k, he had this to say:

"It really treats the tee as a canvas, utilizing every inch to bring the image and the story it conveys home. It's a great vignette, too, combining a whimsy and wonder with a fear and dread. The creature rises out of the water as if a threat, with his shadowy body and immense size spelling doom for the ship, but at the same time he seems concerned and curious, and though he is in shadow, he is surrounded by light, as if he's simply a gentle giant, to be seen as a wonder, not a threat. The juxtaposition gives the scene a lot of potential directions, and that helps make it so appealing. Not that the expert use of lighting hurts either."

Read more at his blog:

Really enjoyed that review, because he totally nailed what I was going for. I hope I can pull off a win in this 10k. I'd appreciate your vote:

Thanks for reading.


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RCBonay said...

Congrats dude! Keep up the good work and those shout outs will continue!