Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Decided to post up some of my old stuff, so that maybe when you see more of my recent stuff it'll make it look really good in comparison, and you'll be like "Whoa! You really leveled up!"
If it's the opposite and you're like "Jeez, it's all going downhill." then I'll be very sad. I'll most likely fling my body from a tall building.
But anyway, here you go, old stuff:

I have a long ways to go as an artist, but hopefully I've made a lot of progress over the years. I'm really ready to start doing something with these so called skills of mine. I'm currently working a really boring frustrating dead-end low-paying job, and I sit there all day just waiting for my shift to end, which is the last thing I wanted to be doing with my life (gotta get those bills paid though right) so I really want to be on my way to doing bigger and better things.

The t-shirt design thing is just the first small step in my initiative. It's not so much the money that's the goal (although I could really use the money) but it's the web presence that being a winner could bring me. Something that can open the door for the other things I want to do, and hopefully afford me with people that will be paying attention to me when I start to do those things.

So hopefully, this blog will not only be a place to showcase my work, but to document my journey. Wish me luck and all that. Thanks for looking and reading.