Friday, December 4, 2009

No new designs! Sorry!

Haha, already breaking my promise. I haven't just been slacking off though. I've had my little brother over, he's 6, he requires a lot of attention obviously, and I also just haven't been feeling that well recently. Not sick, just tired, and headachey. Probably not drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. I hate making excuses, haha. I don't know who's actually keeping up with my blog or anything, but if you are I'll have some more stuff up by the weekend to make up for the lack of productivity. I've got lots of ideas ready to execute.

Keep an eye out because I should have a couple shirts coming out in a matter of weeks. Really excited about them. ALSO, you may see the return of some of my popular (yet failed) designs getting a makeover and trying my luck with them again.

DBH and Teefury have been very good to me, and I plan to keep on subbing with them because I like both of those places and what they're about, but I'm going to try to also broaden my horizons and try my luck at more varied places. Hopefully they'll be as receptive to my work.

That's my update for now, hope you like the things are that to come.


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