Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Designs #2

I said last time that I'd be updating with at least 2 new designs every Monday, well I've changed that to every Thursday. Fits better with my schedule. I typically don't do a lot on Thursdays, that's the day all my favorite shows come on. So it makes sense to me for my deadline to be the day where I'm not doing anything, if that makes sense. Anyway, here are the two new designs

If you don't get the reference to this one you're dead to me.

Okay this kinda sucks, but I was just experimenting, I'll probably redesign this another day.

And happy Thanksgiving all! Hope you had some good eats and enjoyed some people you love. For the first time I cooked a dish for Thanksgiving, mac n' cheese, and it went down REALLY well, everybody loved it, so I was proud to have proved my culinary worth. I can do much more than just make pretty pictures ;) haha.



Jorge A. Juarez said...

holly shit, that first one is pretty awesome.

Rissa: Head of Daily S.O.S. Operations said...

A FOTC reference...I am so thrilled right about now.
You have no idea.

Geebon said...

Awesome was looking for a visual for my remix feat Melle mel>> you made my day check it out here :