Friday, January 1, 2010

Congratulations, you survived another year!

Heyo, it's 2010. Start of another year. Awesome. 2009 was pretty good to me, which I'm very grateful for because 2008 was absolutely terrible to me.
Thanks to DBH and Teefury, I managed to get a string of my first t-shirt prints, make a little money, and start building a name and reputation. I hope I'm able to build on what I accomplished this year, to bigger and better things, have more and more opportunities. I already have a few exciting things lined up for this year, I can't tell you just yet, but keep your eyes peeled.
I want to say thank you to anybody who supported me in any way in 2009, I appreciate it. I hope you continue to follow my journey.

-Get my own site up
-Practice drawing
-Score some other prints outside of DBH/Teefury
-Do more non-tee art
-write more
-kick all kinds of ass

Don't wish me luck, it doesn't take luck it takes hard work, and smart work. Which I intend to do.


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jimiyo said...

you can do it! :D